Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Painting Markings

This blog covers the aircraft's war paint


Camouflage Details 

One of the first issues encountered was identifying the colours used on the markings and regardless of how much searching no commercial standard could be identified, unlike the main colours. After discussing this with the paint supplier it was decided to use the BS381c standard and find colours that were as close as practical. With that decided an order was placed for the six [6] different colours that had to be used.

An issue that had to be resolved was the orange peel from applying 2K clear to the port wing. After completing this task it was decided that a coat of base should be re-applied but it crinkled everywhere it contacted any clear that remained, a quick read showed that this is a no-no. 

The problem had to be resolved by stripping back the wing but it was now clear that every base colour would have to be applied before attempting to apply the 2K clear.

In what is now a desperate attempt to reduce weight it has been decided to use vinyl film and spray paint for the roundels and tri-colour. These were cut from masking vinyl allowing all these profiles to be masked in one operation.

After the airframe and wings were in undercoated, the vinyl is applied next then the relevant colours applied by removing the relevant mask, finally when all were dry each mask was reapplied to completely cover that marking. At this point, the Earth will be applied, then finally Forest Green with the lines marked using the diagrams above using a white paint pen but this will have to wait till the wings are on.

It is just one big learning curve