Monday, 23 September 2019

Trig 21 Transponder

This blog covers the installation of the Trig Model 21 Mode S transponder

While not mandatory for this aircraft to be fitted with a mode S transponder one became available from an aircraft upgrading at a good price - sold!

While complete it did not include the installation kit, so a Trig installation kit was purchased and placed in the cupboard until needed. 

At this point, it was noted that the plugs used push in crimp pins and the crimper was to cost $US100 plus delivered to Australia. My local radio guy advised me to just solder them with a very fine iron, not the first choice but my only one if I did not want to spend the money for 20 crimps plus a 2-week wait.

In a previous blog on wiring tools used on the project, the ferrules with crimper are shown but more importantly, it appeared to have the same action. A piece of 22 guage wire was inserted and a crimp applied, after a check, it was re-crimped providing adequate clamping force.

The other issue was all the builder had was a stock of 20 guage wire at this time - a little heavy but there. While as large as the pins allow, it did provide a solid crimp, while leaving some minor marks on the cable insulation.

Time to loom up.

Followed the factory wiring diagram and installed the required cables, theses were labelled and the transponder clipped into its cradle located on the top side of the wheel well toward the panel.

The PPS sleeve is creating cool looking looms
The transponder clips into a lockable cradle

Get out of jail card played